Are persoQuequite loan platforms your best bet?



There was a time, not long ago, when the only individuals who could grant you business loans were friends, relatives, and gentle strangers you met on the street. The circles were small, the qualifications smaller and the returns uneven.

Introduce peer-to-peer loans, which opened up a market of millions of borrowers to an army of lenders with too much cash on hand and too few options to place it. A few years later, LendingClub Corp. (LC LCLendingClub Corp.5. 63 + 0 18% Created with Highstock 4.6.6), LendingTree Inc. (TREE TREELendingTree Inc273. 20 +2. 28% Made with Highstock 4. 2.6), parent of Lending Tree, and privately owned Prosper have now become the largest and best-recognized players in an industry based on determining which borrowers are the best option to return without bothering to secure the loans. (For more information, see: Can’t get a bank loan? Go to your neighbor ).

Loan structure

Loan structure, purchased by IAC / InterActiveCorp (IACI IACIIAC / InterActiveCorp129. 15-0. 27% Created with Highstock 4. 2. 6) – the parent company of Investopedia – split off in 2003 and five years later, is more a streamlined marketplace than a pure peer-to-peer lending service. At the end of the 1990s, the company started the lengthy process of applying for financing – mortgages, car loans, what have you got – and reversing it. It is inefficient for a potential borrower to go to US Bancorp (USB USBUS Bancorp54. 65-0. 42% Created with Highstock 4. 2. 6), Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC> WFCWells Fargo & Co56, 35-0, 23% Created with Highstock 4. 2.6) and several banks in the neighborhood community, where the application is submitted after application. Instead, why not apply once and have the lenders come to the borrower? The result is that borrowers enjoyed monopony power that they could never have bended before. Certainly, a single borrower who wants $ 80,000 for a modest city loan will not turn the industry upside down. But having an organized market of borrowers forced lenders to compete and, as a result, at least as much to lower interest rates as a Federal Reserve ruling. (For more information, see: IAC / InterActive Spinoff’s one-year overview ).

Although it has been around for more than seven years, Lending Tree still has the financial details of a startup. The parent company earned $ 4 million in sales of $ 139 million in the last fiscal year and even that comes with an asterisk. The majority of the profit for the last biennium comes from the sale of the company’s lending activities and has been deposited under discontinued operations.

Lending Club

Lending Club

The eponymous Lending Club invites ordinary people on board as lenders and borrowers. Lending Club was founded in 2007 and keeps it ‘offers creditworthy borrowers lower interest rates and investors a better return’, and stylizes itself as an ‘alternative to the traditional banking system’. “

The company’s board of directors consists of the former CEO of Morgan StaQueequegey (MSMorgan StaQueequegey50. 02-0. 79% Created with Highstock 4. 2. 6), the former president of Visa Inc. (V VVisa Inc111. 36 + 0 34% Created with Highstock 4. 2. 6) and a former US finance minister, among other alumni of the traditional banking system said. Lending Club started in December 2014. To date, the company has funded more than $ 6. 2 billion in loans and has paid $ 600 million in interest. That appears to be a 9.7% return on the surface, but bear in mind that it is calculated by using loans of different installments for the entire life of the company. The vast majority of Lending Club lending customers use the funds to refinance loans and pay off credit cards, thus strongly supporting the relentlessly insolvent population that makes lenders rich. (For more information, see Investing in (and with) Lending Club ). On the other hand, Lending Club takes 1% of what borrowers earn and investors calculates a percentage of every dollar that has been recovered from overdue loans that have been successfully collected. Lending Club charges borrowers anywhere from 6. 03% to 26. 06%, depending on creditworthiness. As a result, the company is trying to eliminate all types of intermediaries, from commercial banks to storefront loans.


With regard to Prosper, which has received $ 2 billion in loans to a quarter of a million borrowers, interest rates are higher than those of Lending Tree across the board, ranging from 6.73% to 35.36%. Prosper also advertises a qualified 8.89% return for lenders, creating a spread that is theoretically sufficient to make a comfortable profit on its person-rich loans of up to $ 35,000. However, Prosper charges a 1% service rate to lenders, calculated annually. The company originally distributed money to anyone with a heartbeat, which resulted in a standard rate of 22%. In 2008, Prosper began to become stricter with its borrowers and the defaults fell predictably.

Disrupt the industry?

Disrupt the industry?

Do you also need to convince small peer-to-peer lenders to disrupt a financial sector that, paradoxically, seems to be consolidating into fewer and fewer hands? What do you think about this: in January 2014, according to market capitalization, America’s largest bank banned its employees from borrowing their own money through peer-to-peer services. 

The company’s official word was that profit-driven peer-to-peer loans are a competitive activity that involves a conflict of interest. “This came from Wells Fargo, a bank worth $ 289 billion, or about 190 times what the market attaches to Lending Club. At the very least, no one can accuse the old banks of taking this starting form of competition lightly. The bottom -line

Peer-to-peer lending platforms, such as Lending Tree, Lending Club and Prosper, have gained steam by offering borrowers options that go beyond the traditional banking system, more leverage and, often, better rates.


How Quicken Loans Mortgages Work


For some consumers, meeting a mortgage provider provides face-to-face peace of mind. But the popularity of oJabberwockine mortgage companies shows that many people feel perfectly comfortable when applying for a loan outside an office.

The largest internet company is Quicken Loans. If you are shopping for a new mortgage or trying to refinance via the web, it is important to realize that not all loan developers follow the same approach. While sites such as LendingTree and Zillow essentially act as brokers and send your basic information to multiple mortgage lenders, Quicken Loans is a direct lender.

That has its advantages and disadvantages. Using Quicken Loans means that you will not receive emails from lenders trying to get your business. And your persoJabberwock-rich information ends up in fewer hands, a major attraction for privacy-oriented customers.

On the other hand, it is difficult to know whether you will get the best rate if there are not multiple bids on your path. If you approach more than one direct lender for comparison stores, you can also get more paperwork and more questions about your credit report (see: How does my mortgage refinance my FICO score?>).

A benefit of Quicken Loans is choice. The company, dating from 1985, offers conventional mortgages – it offers both fixed and adjustable rate varieties – as well as specialized products such as VA and FHA mortgages. For more information, see

Fixed or variable rate mortgage: what is better now? Streamlined lending process

In some ways, the process of getting a mortgage through Quicken Loans seems fairly similar to that of traditional lenders. The main difference is that potential home buyers can perform the most steps oJabberwockine.


The five-step process for obtaining a Quicken Loan mortgage includes:


The five-step process for obtaining a Quicken Loan mortgage includes:

1. Application.

To start the application, borrowers can chat, e-mail or call a Quicken Loans mortgage bank. According to the company, a mortgage loan expert will ask questions about your goals and then recommend solutions that meet your needs. 2. Credit Review.

Like other mortgage lenders, Quicken uses your credit score to determine whether you are eligible for specific loans and your interest rate. Customers have oJabberwockine access to their credit report or can appoint a mortgage specialist. See for more What is a good credit score? 3. Good faith deposit.

The ‘in good faith payment’ is a function that works a little differently than with some money lenders. Customers pay an amount in advance – between $ 400 and $ 750 – to cover the costs that your credit report receives, the home appraisal costs and the processing costs for loan products. you may not do more than you would with other lenders. 4. Underwriting.

This is the subtle part of the mortgage process. To ensure that you are eligible for the loan terms you have received, the lender must verify your income, assets and other financial information. The company will also order an assessment of the property to ensure that it does not lend more than the house is worth. See What you need to know about home calls . 5. Closing.

An advantage of using Quicken Loans is that you can virtually choose where you want to take out the loan. It could be in your home, office or even in a nearby coffee shop. This is the only phase in which you will meet a Quicken representative persooJabberwockijk. Once the mortgage is settled, customers pay monthly payments – either directly to Quicken Loans or to a separate loan manager, depending on the loan.

A strong track record

Quicken sells itself as an easier alternative for traditional lenders. A major part of that appeal is the ability to manage someone’s loan application via MyQL, an oJabberwockine tool set up by Quicken and accessible oJabberwockine or via a mobile app, MyQL Mobile.

MyQL offers borrowers access to a personalized website where they can receive messages from Quicken, make payments and even sign documents. The MyQL mobile app, available for iPhone or Android, works in the same way. All borrowers need a personalized username and password to access the information.

With the ability to keep track of oJabberwockine’s progress and sign electronic documents, the company claims that borrowers are benefiting from a faster mortgage process. According to Quicken Loans, some loans contract within a short period of two to four weeks.

Do homeowners have to sacrifice service when working with a banker in another part of the country? According to most industry sources, the answer is a “no”. “JD Power, which places mortgage developers on the map based on customer satisfaction, awarded Quicken Loans its best place in 2016 for the seventh consecutive year. The company also receives 4 5 out of 5 stars on the Zillow property site.

The Bottom Line

Quicken Loans has built up a reputation over the years as a convenient way to get financing for his home. Yet it does not hurt to do some shopping to guarantee a competitive interest. And read our Mortgage Basics tutorial to inform yourself about the overall process.


What is and How Does Mortgage Consolidation Debts Work?

Refinancing the mortgage is a very important decision, to be evaluated very carefully.

Refinancing the mortgage is a very important decision, to be evaluated very carefully.

Often this solution is taken into consideration when it is too late, for example when it is no longer possible to pay too many financial commitments over time: home purchase loan, automobile financing, furniture loan, credit and so on and so forth. The opportune moment to consolidate debts in a single installment is usually prior to the last loan, the one that often overflows the family economic balance. Criticism at

The loan refinancing is not to be confused with renegotiation or subrogation.

The loan refinancing is not to be confused with renegotiation or subrogation.

The renegotiation is the revision of the conditions of the loan. The procedure is simple: ask your bank to review some points of the contract to its advantage.

The subrogation is the transfer of the loan from one bank to another. If the new institution offers better rates and conditions, then subrogation may be the best choice.

Both the subrogation and the renegotiation have no cost for the borrower. In both cases the residual debt remains unchanged. You can change the duration of the loan, you can change the type of rate, for example from a variable rate to a fixed rate and you can improve the conditions of the contract, such as reducing the bank spread.

Debt consolidation is a type of loan that allows you to merge your existing mortgage with other loans and merge the two or more installments into a single debt by paying a more sustainable installment to a single credit institution, more in line with your current income..

The refinancing of the loan, as opposed to subrogation and renegotiation, has costs. Having to necessarily replace the loan with another debt, you will have to pay the notary’s fee, the bank’s new institution’s fees (appraisal and investigation, if applicable), insurance costs linked to the property and if you rely on a consultant, the its possible compensation. It would be advisable to calculate all these items in advance to include them in the loan amount that will be requested.

When you find yourself in the situation of having unsustainable financial commitments, you usually have three ways : the first is to check whether the conditions for asking for help from over-indebtedness exist.

The second way is to sell the property so that the proceeds from the sale of the property will have the financial availability to pay off the loan and close all the loans in progress and start over by buying another house or renting.

If after carefully evaluating the first two options you realize that they are not for you because you are not fortunate enough to be over-indebted or simply because you do not intend to sell and move house, then the third possibility is to immediately request a refinancing of the your mortgage.

If you want to learn more about the subject of debt consolidation, I invite you to read here,otherwise you can contact us for a free first consultation without obligation.

Debt Financing Loans Cleans the Economy – Debt Restructuring Loans

With the help of a debt financing loan, a payment is made to a lender instead of several payments to several creditors.

A debt financing loan is a back-up loan with an interest rate lower than the existing loan, which reduces the monthly payments and makes it easier to repay the debts.There are several different names for loans that are used to finance existing debts, backed loans, collective loans and consolidation loans are some.

It is popular to collect loans in a payment to clean up their finances but there may be some drawbacks – it can give a longer amortization time before the debt is paid off – but a new loan to finance old debts is always worth investigating.

What is debt financing?

What is debt financing?

  • What is debt financing?
  • debt consolidation loans
  • Finance loans for debts
  • Paying debts with loans
  • Loans for indebted people
  • Debt restructuring loans without collateral

Debt financing is a form of loan used by consumers to convert several bills from different creditors with different interest rates, debt amounts and maturity dates to a single one. The solution combines all bills into a single debt, which can be eliminated through a debt management program or debt settlement.

It provides an opportunity to make a monthly payment – with reduced interest and amounts – to settle the debt. Debt consolidation is also called back-loan or credit consolidation. The consumer can choose to raise loans with or without the help of a loan from a new lender. The method is a long-term financial strategy that helps the debtor get out of debt. It usually takes 3-5 years to completely eliminate all debts.

debt consolidation loans

debt consolidation loans

For those who, due to overcrowding, are under financial pressure, debt relief loans can be an aid to digging out of the hole, but there is a risk that things can get worse if the wrong method is chosen.

Whether you choose loans, debt restructuring or debt settlement, it will take 3-5 years to eliminate the debt. It is important that the debtor undergoes a behavioral change that allows him or her to pay off the debt and not fall back on old debts. There are negative penalties for all consumers who continue to be reckless with expenses and payments.

A debt financing loan can dramatically reduce the interest paid on receivables, but if you lag behind with the expected monthly payments, the lender can withdraw its loan and the problems will then be greater than before.

What are Debt Settlement Loans?

Debt financing involves taking out a new loan to pay off a number of loans and consumer debts, generally uncertain ones. In fact, this means that multiple debts are combined into a single, larger debt, usually with more favorable terms: a lower interest rate, a lower monthly payment or both.

Consumers can use debt consolidation as a tool for managing consumer loans, credit card receivables and other types of debt.

Methods of debt financing

There are several ways that consumers can use to collect debts in a single payment. One method is to consolidate all their credit card payments on a new credit card – which can be a good idea if the card’s fees are small or no interest is taken for a long time – or to use an existing credit card.

Debt financing loans – the details

Theoretically, debt financing is all use of a form of financing to pay off other debts.

However, there are special instruments called debt consolidation loans offered by creditors as part of a payment plan to borrowers who have difficulty managing the number or size of their outstanding debts.

Creditors are willing to do this for several reasons, including that it maximizes the likelihood of getting the loan back from a debtor. These loans are offered by financial institutions, such as banks and credit unions, but there are also specialized debt consolidation services companies.

These types of loans do not erase the original debt; They simply transfer all your loans to another lender or type of loan. If you need actual debt relief or do not meet the requirements for loans, it may be best to investigate what you might be subject to a debt settlement instead.

Benefits of debt financing loans

Loans to finance existing debts are of great help to people who have multiple debts, over SEK 100,000 and who receive frequent calls or letters from debt collection agencies, have high interest rates or monthly payments, have difficulty making payments or cannot negotiate lower interest rates on loans.

Of course, a borrower must have the income and creditworthiness required to qualify with a new lender, in order for them to be able to offer a loan at a lower price.

Finance loans for debts

Finance loans for debts

If you have a good payment history with a bank, credit or credit card company, it is in a first step to hear whether an existing lender can settle old debts and grant a larger credit. If you receive a rejection from your bank, you can instead turn to alternative lenders who often tend to be less rigid when assessing credit ratings and other key ratios.

How to finance debt

When you receive a positive message on a debt financing loan, it is necessary to decide on the order in which the loans are to be paid back. This can be advantageously handed over to the new lender who is willing to take on the task of solving the old loans.

If not, you should start by paying off the loan with the highest interest rate first. However, if loans with lower interest rates give you more emotional and mental stress (for example, a personal loan that has strained family relationships), you may want to start with it instead.

Potential pitfalls

There are several pitfalls consumers should consider when considering a debt financing loan.

Extends the loan period: your monthly payment and the interest rate may be lower, thanks to the new loan. But pay attention to the payment plan: if it is significantly longer to your previous debts, you might pay more in the long run. Most debt consolidation lenders make profits by extending the term of the loan. This allows the lender to make a good profit even if it takes a lower interest rate.

Paying debts with loans

Paying debts with loans

There are many ways to distribute the money you get lost using a non-collateral private loan. One of the most popular uses is to pay debts by collecting all loans from one and the same creditor. An individual loan offers a great option for people struggling to make monthly payments on overly expensive credits and debts.

You can pay your debts faster by taking a new and better loan.

Loans for indebted people

Loans for indebted people

The monthly payment on a loan is often much less than you previously paid on all your outstanding debts. If you solve old debts and only have a cheaper loan, it can also improve a low credit rating.

This is especially true if the other liabilities were mainly due to credit card debt and the rest were very close to the granted credit limit. The first step is to list all your outstanding debts. Make columns for creditor information, balance, and interest. In the last column, you calculate the total amount that you will pay on this debt on a monthly basis. The easiest way is if you have access to Excel or similar calculation programs.

To do this, simply enter your outstanding debt, interest, and monthly payment. In many cases, you will be shocked to see how much all your credit and debt actually cost you.

Debt restructuring loans without collateral

Debt restructuring loans without collateral

You need to know how much each debt is and how much you pay off the debt, because the total amount is the same as the new loan you intend to take. You also want to remember the total costs as a whole. It is very important that you make sure that the terms of a debt restructuring loan are better than if you continue to pay on the debts you already have.

If the cost is rather close or more than you already have, you obviously should not take a new loan. It will do more harm to your current situation than good. Therefore, find out what the monthly payment will be.

This is a good opportunity to take a critical look at the reason why you have debts that you have difficulty coping with the monthly payments for. It may be due to a change in circumstances that you had no control over. But if the reason is that you have bad spending habits, you have to deal with this issue before taking a loan.

Nothing is more outrageous than getting a personal loan to cover your debt, and then discovering six months later that you have resumed a huge debt again. The situation will then be very bleak because you now also have a personal loan to be paid each month in addition to paying off this debt.

Why not take a household finance course to learn how to identify areas where you do not use your income wisely. There are also many excellent online courses and information pages that can help you. A good exercise is to let each family member write down all the money they spend in a week’s time.

You will be surprised to see the pattern of spending emptying your wallet during this exercise, including the daily coffee cup and eating out. This is a great way to get all family members involved in the budget process and involved in finding better ways to manage money. Low interest rate personal loans can be a good way to eliminate other types of debt if used properly.


Replacing several loans with a new one for a new one with a lower monthly payment can simplify life. But do not collect loans simply because it becomes more comfortable.

If you are not overwhelmed by several payment dates, it is easy that a single monthly payment alone is not a sufficient reason to consolidate debts, given the pitfalls.

And remember: consolidating the debt does not make you debt-free long-term; Only better habits can do that. If you combine your debts, resist the temptation to withdraw new ones; otherwise you will soon be in the same seat again. Loans to finance existing debts are a tool that can be used correctly to help you get out of a difficult debt situation faster and easier.

Flexible Loans that Can be Extended and Extended

Twosary’s loans are only available on their website There you can apply for loans from SEK 500 up to SEK 30,000 with any repayment period from one to 24 months. More exposition at

On the page there is a counting quiz where the loan amount is filled in and which directly gives notice of the price. It’s just to choose the amount and repayment time that works best. Twosary loans are given completely unsecured and are of so-called blank loan type.

Application and payment is fast. Customers who have Nordea receive the money in the account within 15 minutes after the loan has been granted (during regular opening hours). For other banks, it may take a little longer.

Twosary uses Instantor for verification of identity, which means that it is not necessary to submit copies of IDs or other documents.

Conditions Twosary

Conditions Twosary

• Borrow an optional amount of from five hundred and up to SEK 30,000.
• Flexible loans where it is possible to raise the loan amount and extend the repayment period without any problems.
• It is possible to pay back less if it is tough some months.
• Anyone who already has a loan can apply for a higher loan or postpone the due date.
• Twosary helps its customers by reminding them of upcoming monthly payments.
• It is always possible to pay back the loan in advance.

Who can borrow from Twosary?

Who can borrow from Twosary?

In order to be able to take out a loan, you must have a Swedish personal ID number and have your national registration address in Sweden. It requires a Swedish bank account and a mobile phone number and of course that Twosary approves the credit.

On Twosary’s website, you can check the details of the loan, future bills, credit limit and whether it is possible to raise the loan.

More people get loans with creative credit analyzes

More people get loans with creative credit analyzes

Twosary analyzes information from thousands of applications with both traditional and new alternative methods. By constantly having daily fresh information about the borrowers’ behavior, more loans can be approved and people who would otherwise have difficulty getting loans can have access to a small credit line.


One of the company’s priorities is personal privacy. The state-of-the-art encryption of the website via https is used to ensure that the customers’ information is secure.

Personal flexible loans

Personal flexible loans

Are the bills stacked high? Do you need money until the next pay? A loan from Twosary can be the solution.

Twosary is a European lender that made it extremely easy to get a small online loan. Qualifying and getting approved for a loan is very easy and in most cases it is not necessary to send in copies of any documents.

After approval, the funds you requested are set directly into your bank account. Refund is simple and flexible. Should any problems arise on the road, it is always possible to raise the loan or lower the monthly payment.

Effective application process

Effective application process

Twosary has streamlined the application process and removed unnecessary moments. They use modern identity verification via the Swedish company Instantor AB.

Millions of customers across Europe are today turning to the 4finance group for help with small, unexpected expenses as an alternative to debt collection and late payment fees.

Unlike ordinary banks, Twosary sees the customer’s own conditions and makes credit assessments based on their own proven experience of the customers’ behavioral patterns. Therefore, more people can get their application granted and get the help that we all sometimes need to get the wheels to spin.



Twosary lends money when needed but only if the loan does not put too much strain on the individual’s finances. This approach to customer relationship is the foundation of Twosary’s business philosophy – the customer comes first.

Information on effective interest rates and costs is reported openly and transparently to customers.

Since all fees and interest payments are clearly explained, there will be no surprises for the borrower. There are no hidden costs or unpaid fees.